In a statement, the Chiefs unanimously declared their allegiance to the sovereign state of Ghana.

The statement was signed by the President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Nana Soglo Alloh IV, who also serves as the Paramount Chief of the Likpe Traditional Area.

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Volta secessionists
Volta secessionists

“The membership of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs has received news of the declaration of independence of a Western Togoland that is alleged to include parts of the Volta and the Oti regions and some part of the Northern Region,” the statement reads.

“The Volta Regional House of Chiefs wishes to make it categorically clear that the Volta and the Oti regions and their chiefs and people remain a part of the sovereign state of Ghana, and, as such, continue to be and remain Ghanaians, and will continue to owe their allegiance to the sovereign state of Ghana.”

The Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) last month declared their independence at a meeting in Ho in the Volta region.

The group has been demanding secession of the Volta Region and parts of the Northern, North East and Upper East regions from Ghana to become an independent state.

However, the Ghana government rebutted and urged the public to disregard any claims of secession.

A statement from the Information Ministry went on to emphasise that Ghana remains a sovereign state.

Earlier this year, the leader of the group, Charles Komi Kudzordzi alias Papavi Hogbedetor, was arrested and detained.

However, the Attorney General's Department later dropped all charges against him and eight others members of the separatist group.

Meanwhile, the Ghana government has declared all members of the separatist group wanted.