The Volta Separatist group known as the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) said the violence which has killed two people including the burning of vehicles belonging to the STC is against their rules and regulations.

On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, some persons believed to be members of the secessionist group attacked a bus terminal in Ho.

The members took control of the STC terminal in the Volta Regional capital and beat up drivers operating at the terminal.

According to reports, they also set ablaze one of the mini-busses being operated by the State Transport Company.

However, the group in a statement on its official Facebook page said: "We the front-line defenders of the Rights of the citizens of Western Togoland, The HSGF, and all its various chapters and branches had no hands in the burning of the vehicles of the STC in Ho last night."

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"We wish to draw the attention of the general public that the sudden spark of violence in our land is seriously against our working documents over the years and urge the government of Ghana to call his security operatives to order and release our people in detention for several months now," it added.

The secessionist group believes that there is some form of political underpinnings that might be perpetrating violence just to smear their peaceful campaign for independence from the Republic of Ghana.

"We said it time without number that the campaign for our rights of citizenship which is being questioned continuously by some section of Ghanaians will be without violence. Our chairman has never minced his word about peaceful activism any time he has the opportunity to speak to the world. We seriously condemn this violence in our land!" it stated.