Why the gov't must not rush into reopening schools now - Teacher Ewuraama gives reasons

Madina Adutwumwaa Asare, also known as Teacher Ewuraama, has given reasons why the government must not be hasty into reopening schools now.

Teacher Ewuraama

Some teacher unions, parents, and other stakeholders expressed their worries that the reopening schools at a time that Ghana continues to record COVID-19 cases will pose as a threat to teachers and students.

Teacher Ewuraama adding her voice to the development gave reasons that the "reopening of schools will prone our children to the virus".

Here are her reasons why the government shouldn't reopen schools now.

I really appreciate the concerns raised by most parents regarding the reopening of schools in the country, but to this effect, we should also not forget teachers are also parents and most have their children at most schools yet the crises within which we are making the reopening of schools a little bit puzzling ..WHY AM I SAYING THIS?

Firstly, reopening schools will prone our children to the virus: Education is a priory to the success of our children and in their future, yes! And there's nothing disputing that fact. That is why the saying goes " Education holds the key to our success ". However, would we risk our children to this deadly virus which has encapsulated the entire world taking away most lives, all in the name of education? Definitely not!!

We all play the role of parenthood who wish for the best of our wards but not in this deadly crisis which definitely will come back to attack us individually as parents. Let's think about this please and adhere to the directives given by our President who even values education more than us, granting free education to us all, not our wards only. Why then do we rush or worry?

Secondly, children of today prove to be very naive: Due to little experience and encounter with this pandemic, they wouldn't mind contracting the virus unknowingly from peers and other infected materials later on resulting to more spread of the virus which later on would be brought home to eradicate us all. Have we thought about that and the increased rate of these viral infections too?

Finally, reopening schools now means doom: It's never the desire of His Excellency, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to just make a declaration of closing down schools or teachers on eager to stay home watching on as students waver around. It is highly considered and this is the more reason why online education has been introduced willingly by the teachers, enforced by the government all because our President wants the safety of our children and teachers. Why then must we cry aloud for reopening of schools at this deadly moment, do we value education more than our lives?

To conclude on this pertaining issue, my dear parents and concerned ones, let's value life first before education and any other thing. In all, I humbly request rather a for patience and that we join together in prayers that our Almighty God clears off this crisis from the country.

Thanks for your attention.

Credit: Teacher Ewuraama


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