Gabby shot Akua Blakofe after she alleged that her life is under threat.

According to her, she no longer feels safe in Ghana, adding that some unknown people want to kill her.

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Blakofe resigned from her post over an alleged 'chop chop' at the company.

The former television and radio presenter decision on her Facebook page, indicated that people at the company are not working but rather interested in travelling and taking per diems.

She said she took the bold decision to resign because she "wanted to work, and not travel and take per diems."

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But Gabby in response said Akua Blakofe "joined the campaign of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at the very end" adding that she was first seen to be a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to campaign for former President John Mahama.

In a Facebook post, Gabby wrote "These are some of the little things that piss NPP folks right off. You joined the campaign at the very end. You were first seen to be pro-Mahama, but apparently fell out over what exactly we don’t know. The leadership acknowledged your campaign contribution and your value and rewarded you with an appointment to help your country. You resigned on principle and, in fact, won a lot of admiration (from me and many others) for that. But, now it seems like you want to start a whole negative campaign against the government. Who would want to kill you, Madam? Let’s get serious! Frankly, your utterances are getting annoying and making people feel that you have a more sinister motive. I hope not".