According to him, he has no hope for justice from President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his administration following his assault by a National Security officer during the by-election.

He said the government's White Paper on the findings is the "clearest sign yet" that Nana Addo and the National Security apparatus have been plotting "a grand agenda of unleashing violence and undermining the peace, stability, and safety of our beloved Republic."

Commission of inquiry's recommendations

The government rejected a recommendation by the Justice Emile Short Commission of Inquiry which probed the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election gun violence that a National Security operative with the police SWAT team, Mohammed Sulemana, who slapped Sam George, be prosecuted.

"The Commission recommends the criminal prosecution for the offense of assault, to wit, the slapping of Mr. Samuel George by Mohammed Sulemana", the Commission’s report recommended.

"The Commission notes that members of the SWAT team committed criminal assault against certain members of the gathered crowd. In its assessment, the Commission notes that some of these instances of assault were committed while the victims were in flight and fleeing from the SWAT team who were giving chase. Questioned, a member of the team (Mr. Sulemana Mohammed) agreed that the assault meted out did not conform to the standard training given for effecting the arrest. Indeed, a member of parliament, Mr. Samuel Nartey George who was on the electoral grounds when the incident took place, was assaulted by the said Mohammed Sulemana. While confirming the incident of assault, Sulemana informed the Commission that he slapped the person he did not know was a Member of Parliament, because, the person insulted him and his ethnic group. He further explained that had he known he was a Member of Parliament; he would not have slapped him. The Commission notes that the entire encounter between the said Sulemana and the said, Hon. Mr. George resulting in the slap administered by the said Sulemana was regrettable," part of the White Paper said.

Security at Ayawaso WEst Wuogon
Security at Ayawaso WEst Wuogon

It added: "In this connection, the Commission notes that the action of the said Sulemana Mohammed in responding to an alleged insult with a slap was unprofessional and must be condemned. The Commission further notes that the behavior of Mr. Sam George, within the context of a highly charged environment, was somewhat inappropriate and ill-advised, and could have even endangered his own safety."

Sam George slapped

Sam George was a victim of the chaos as a video of him being slapped by a security officer during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election in the constituency made headlines.

In a video which has gone viral, a bulky-looking man jumped out of a vehicle and after approaching an opposition MP Sam George menacingly, threw his hands. The MP later said he was slapped.

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NDC MP rejects govt's claim

But the NDC MP reacting to the government rejecting the recommendations made by the commission said: " the position of the government in accompanying White Paper reinforces my long-held view that the dastardly actions of January 31, 2019, had the tacit approval of those who occupy the highest office of the land."

Sam George, NDC MP
Sam George, NDC MP

"The rabid disagreement with the findings and recommendations of the Commission are a testament to this fact.

"I had no hopes of justice from the government and I have been vindicated. This is the clearest sign yet the President and his security team has a grand agenda of unleashing violence and undermining the peace, stability, and safety of our beloved Republic so long as it perpetuates his failing government in power, Sam George noted.