Flagbearer and founder of the All People’s Congress, (APC) Dr. Hassan Ayariga has launched a scathing attack on the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) Madam Charlotte Osei, describing her as unfit to head the Commission.

He insisted that Charlotte Osei is ''stupid'' and has brought scandals to the EC more than any of her predecessor.

Some staff of the EC on July 19 filed a petition against the Chairperson calling for a full-scale investigation into alleged misconduct and abuse of office on her part.

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She was also accused by her staff for financial malfeasance.

The concerned staff in their petition claim her decision to cancel a contract awarded to Superlock Technologies Limited (STL), a company contracted to supply and manage Biometric Voter Registration machines (BVRs) and the Biometric Voter Devices (BVDs), as well as her directive for the payment of $76,000 to IT firm, Dream Oval, were fraudulent and hence she should be removed from office.

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They have petitioned President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for her removal as well as sent a similar to the Economic and Organised Crime Office asking for investigations into Mrs Osei's stewardship.

In her response, she denied any acts of fraud or financial malfeasance on her part and counter-alleged fraud and corruption against her accusers.

But Hassan Ayariga speaking on the development on Accra-based Onua FM said "I still stand by my earlier claim that Madam Charlotte Osei is stupid and I would even add that she is ignorant to manage the EC office."

He said "I have said it and will continue to repeat it at any given opportunity that Madam Charlotte Osei is not fit to run that office."

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"She has brought more scandals to the EC more than any of her predecessor. She is with speed, destroying the legacies of those who went ahead of her. After her appointment, I said she cannot handle it and I am being vindicated."

He added that thorough investigations must be conducted into the matters bothering on abuse of office and corruption.

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