According to him, the compilation of a new register a few months left for the elections makes the exercise wrong.

"The timing of the voter registration was absolutely wrong," he said on Accra-based Class FM.

Col. Festus Aboagye said the EC has not been able to convince Ghanaians and the many who are against the compilation of the new register about its essence at a time like this.

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Jean Adukwei Mensa, EC boss
Jean Adukwei Mensa, EC boss

He described as a disgrace the guarantor system which was used by persons who do not have the Ghana Card or the Ghana Passport during the mass voter registration exercise.

The guarantor system, the EC claim had been a trusted part of the registration process over the years despite being burdensome.

But Col. Festus Aboagye said the guarantor system cannot ensure a credible register.

"As for the guarantor system, it's a disgrace...It has no objective basis...Very very subjective."