I am not interested in presidential positions, I come to you as your salvation - Cheddar

Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Cheddar or Freedom Jacob Caesar, has asserted that his focus lies beyond presidential aspirations, declaring, that he is not interested in merely presidential positions, but rather the salvation sent to help and develop Ghana and Africa.


He said this during a press conference following the cancellation of a planned public lecture event named "The Convention," organized under the banner of the New Africa Foundation on January 7, 2024 where he unveiled himself as the face behind the New Force movement.

Bediako expressed his intention to use the New Africa Platform to introduce himself, discuss his policies, and his aspirations to lead Ghana as President.

However, addressing a gathering at a press conference, Caesar emphasized his commitment to being a force for positive change in the lives of the people. "I know you are looking for the man, the man in the mask is sitting in front of you. I am nothing to be scared of, I came to you as your salvation," he stated,


Caesar outlined his vision for Africa, expressing confidence in the continent's potential as the next major global influence. "I have a plan and I have a vision for this nation and for Africa too because Africa is the next biggest thing,"

I am not interested in people's positions, I am not interested in presidential positions, I am interested in the regions, and the humans, I am interested in the country, I am interested in the continent, the resources here, to prove to the world that this is what we can make out of our resources and show to the world.

Bediako, The Man in the Mask, expressed his goal of establishing a middle-income economy devoid of government interference, motivated by a sense of responsibility.

"I am a son of the soil, and I can add value to humanity. I came here to add value to this world and to nature. I am not going to leave here without God even being proud of me," he declared, making it clear that his purpose went beyond personal gain.

The Diaspora Affairs Directorate at the Office of the President clarified the abrupt cancellation of "The Convention 2024." The Deputy Director, Dr. Nadia Adongo Fynn, explained that an unforeseen state event led to the revocation of the venue permission, despite prior approval in November 2023. The statement mentioned a refund of Ten Thousand Ghana cedis (GHc10,000.00) paid for the venue and expressed regret for any inconvenience caused.


Leaders such as P.L.O. Lumumba from Kenya, Peter Obi from Nigeria, Julius Malema from South Africa, and R. Arikana from Zimbabwe were initially scheduled to speak on the topic, "Igniting the voices of Africa."


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