Kenyas President Uhuru Kenyatta has blasted Supreme Court judges as "crooks" after they decided in a 4-2 decision annul the countrys August 8 presidential election.

He said it was "important to respect the rule of law even if you disagree with the Supreme Court ruling".

"Your neighbour will still be your neighbour, regardless of what has happened. My primary message today to every single Kenyan is peace. Let us be people of peace."

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But in fury language, he told his supporters at a rally in Nairobi that the judges were crooks, warning the panel president, Chief Justice Maraga, that he was still president.

"Do you understand me? Maraga should know that he is now dealing with the serving president," Mr Kenyatta, 55, said.

"We are keeping a close eye on them. But let us deal with the election first. We are not afraid."


The court on Friday declared that irregularities had an impact of the August vote.

Raila Odinga had described the court ruling at "very historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension the people of the continent of Africa".