He said the MPs "who are appointed to Ministerial office generally prioritize their Executive branch roles over their parliamentary roles" that affects the duty of the House.

Delivering a speech at the first business sitting of the 8th Parliament on Friday, January 14, 2021, Bagbin said "Scholars and students of governance have observed and noted the myriad ways in which this arrangement has served to unbalance the relationship between the Executive and Parliament and affected adversely the ability of Parliament and of MPs to carry out faithfully their representative, oversight, deliberative, and legislative roles."

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He stated that "Until we reform this constitutional arrangement to improve the country's governance, all parties or players implicated in this arrangement, namely the President, Parliament itself, and those Members appointed as Ministers, have each a responsibility to take steps to minimize the negative impact of this arrangement on the business, mandate, and performance of the House."

According to the longest-serving Member of Parliament for Nadowli-Kaleo constituency, drawing a large number of Ministers and Deputy Ministers of State from Parliament is unhelpful to the business of the House and also weakens Parliament's ability to perform its proper role in the promotion of good governance.

He noted that "the anecdotal evidence suggests that, among Members who double as Ministers, those who strive to balance their responsibilities to both branches of Government, as difficult as that may be, tend to have more successful and longer careers on both sides."