We’ve let in demons that we lack the skills or conviction to exorcise – Zanetor weeps for Ghana

Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, the eldest daughter of the late former president Jerry John Rawlings has bemoaned the disheartening state of Ghana, saying it is “sliding down the slope into the abyss” while Ghanaians appear to be indifferent.

Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings

In a Facebook post on January 19, the medical doctor and Member of Parliament for Korley Klorttey constituency likened the state of Ghana to a giant tree with its core having been bitten terribly by termites, leaving it at the mercy of wind, rain or the least push.

She also lamented about Ghanaians’ lack of regard for integrity, transparency, and accountability, which used to be the ethos that defined the country.

She ended by calling for all hands on deck to save Ghana from the current trajectory before it is doomed beyond redemption.


Read the full writeup below:

As I dream of the Ghana my heart longs for, I sometimes feel disillusioned and saddened by the realisation that in my short lifetime, I have witnessed us go from a can-do spirit, to one of passing the buck with the concomitant lack of accountability.

How have we allowed our country to be hijacked in the most insidious way possible?

That now, when you speak with outrage at the current situation, you are accused of creating instability!


Shall we continue to observe with reticence the erosion of everything that once made us the envy of so many other countries?

Are we content to allow a misconstrued concept of democracy to destroy us from within in the name of maintaining the status quo?

I recently read some words that were so deep and indeed my thoughts go back to them as I reflect.


In the name of multiparty politics, we have sought to make room for the lesser evil at every turn; to compromise on right and wrong with each step. And with each compromise and with each crack in the wall of integrity, we have let in demons that we perhaps did not anticipate and therefore seem to lack the skills or the conviction to exorcise. So, at what point do we draw the line?


Like termites, the lesser evil eats at the core of the giant tree trunk while still giving a semblance- albeit superficially, that all is well. And here is the irony. We know the signs of termite infestation when we see them and yet one day, the tree cracks and collapses as passers-by look on in shock asking one another how this could possibly have happened. As with termites, once you start seeing traces on the surface of the tree, it means there is already some damage deeper than meets the eye. And so it is with corruption and greed and the shifting of our moral compass; it eats away steadily till there is no anchor to hold the tree. All it takes then, is a little wind or a bit of rain to bring it all crashing down!!!

So, whither are we bound as a nation? Shall we continue sliding down the slope into the abyss by virtue of our reticence or inaction or dare to stand up and be counted as we demand a paradigm shift within our society… starting with ourselves? A change that renders sacred the principles of good governance and celebrates integrity, transparency, and accountability; a movement that makes a consistent effort towards restoring the solid principles that will protect an enduring legacy of our beloved Ghana. Let us restore this nation together! #TogetherWeBuild

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