Prince Werley Nortreus, the youngest Haitian intellectual

It's true, age doesn't define anyone's intelligence, and skin colour doesn't take a side on who should be an intellectual because anyone can be an intellectual but not all are chosen.

Prince Werley Nortreus, the youngest Haitian intellectual

Let's take a look at the youngest Haitian intellectual called Werley Nortreus who has contributed a lot to humankind and history. He was born on November 10th, 1993, and he's also known as Prince Werley Nortreus. He was born into a Christian family with a well-respected background, and he had most of his studies at the most respected schools in Port-au-Prince before he graduated from colleges outside of Haiti. He's used to doing humanitarian works since childhood because his family been doing humanitarian works for over a decade. He and his family, the Nortreus Family, have a long-time-history doing humanitarian works by helping Haitians in all departments of Haiti through his father's churches. His father's Churches also help Africa through missionaries' works. In 2017, he founded the Nortreus Family Foundation to help as well.

Now, he's a well-known Haitian leader, philosopher, intellectual, musical artist, author, writer, entrepreneur, and politician. He was born in Limbé, but he grew up in the Capital of Haiti at a very young age. During his childhood, his parents said that he survived a life-threatening situation, and they had to find the best medicine as soon as possible to cure him. These days, he has become very powerful and influential that people all over the world are now using his voice, ideas, citations, and motivation for the advancement of society. In 2017, he released his second book called Best Quotes of Werley Nortreus, and he's expected to release new books sooner. Best Quotes of Werley Nortreus is a very powerful book that everyone needs to discover, to read, in order to change their lives and the surrounding people around them. It is a collection of Werley Nortreus's best quotes to inspire, motivate, and give people access to new ideas and knowledge. This book is based on inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, Christianity quotes, knowledge quotes, and relationship secrets. It is unique and original, it is like a secret formula to change folks' lives by the way they think, see things, and act. It is a collection of Werley Nortreus' most famous quotes and ideas. He will release the second volume sooner.

While growing up in Haiti, he went to the most respected and valuable schools to get an education. He was a student at Nick Nick, Youpi Youpi Jardin d'enfants, Jean-Marie de Lamennais, Nouveau College Bird, and Collège Universitaire Caraïbe (C.U.C) in Port-Au-Prince before the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He was also a victim and a survivor of the 2010 Haiti earthquake that killed thousands of people. Years later, after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he graduated from Theology, Business Administration, and Political Science schools outside of Haiti. He's now the founder of a powerful political/social movement called Haitians Lives Matter that he started in 2015, and he's also the founder of a powerful political party called Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti started in 2017 whose ideas greatly influenced Haitian communism. Throughout his career, he wrote books and citations that have inspired a lot of people across the world. He's also the founder of A New Haiti Before 2045 which has another name called ANHB 2045 that he started in 2019.

From an early age, his parents and family knew that he had a lot of potential for success in life because he loved to think and write from a very young age. He has always said that one day he will help his country Haiti become one of the most powerful countries in the world because he understood the suffering of Haiti and the suffering of the Haitians across the world. Many people did not think that his dreams would come true because many did not believe in him. Only his parents and family believed in him. Today, he is the youngest Haitian intellectual in the world who has accomplished many great projects in society. His writings and works have inspired many people around the world, and he has been ranked among those who contribute to the advancement of the world. In 2020, he was the only Haitian leader who declared that Haiti will join the African Union during his administration if he ever gets elected. He even said that Haiti will build a partnership and relationship with Israel and Russia as well.

He uses his intelligence to change the world with his ideas and potential. The political organizations called Haitians Lives Matter and Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti that he founded are fighting against racism, injustice, police brutality, inequality, and discrimination towards black people. His goal is to better Haiti by turning people's minds, so they'd come to the same understanding, regarding how risky it is to fight for equality and justice in a world run by racism, injustice, police brutality, inequality, and discrimination. He even got involved in nonviolent rallies, protests, and said a lot of powerful speeches on Bon Déjeuner! Radio and other radio stations.

In January 2020, he stated that he would run for a Presidential bid in the Haiti election, and he even demanded that Haiti should have a new constitution that will allow young people like him to participate in elections to help Haiti develop. He even said he was ready to run for president if young people were given access to participate and even said he would beat any candidates running against him during the election. In April 2020, a fire caused by lightning destroyed the dome of the Royal Chapel of Milot, and he reacted when he called for an investigation because the Haitian monuments are so important to him. He even wrote stories about the fire that broke out in the Royal Chapel of Milot and he also wrote stories about other world events like the 2018 and 2019 Haitian protests and so many others.

Today, some historians and school teachers are calling him a history maker because he has the capacity to write stories about any topic. He's not only using his intelligence for politics, but he uses his intelligence in other fields like government, religions, knowledge, logic, literature, music, theatre, poetry, and the world's improvements. His knowledge allows him to write books, cinematic stories, film screenplays, scripts, quotes, and compose music, instrumentals, and film score. Throughout his music career, he composed, produced, and published more than 50 songs and instrumentals. In business, he even founded media organizations in mass media, publishing, radio stations, magazines, and others.

During the 21st century, he is currently known as the youngest Haitian intellectual in the world. Many people believe if he was born in the previous generation after the Haitian revolution, Haiti would not be in this bad and degraded situation during this 21st century because he would have been contributed to changing Haiti long ago, and he would not allow the oppressors to break Haiti into such a critical state because he is a big thinker. Many also rank him among those who are honest, sincere, and visionary.


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