This quiz will predict what will end your current relationship

Can this quiz accurately guess what will be the straw that breaks up your current relationship? Let's find out!

A woman holding a broken heart made of paper [Image: Antoni Shkraba]

How long have you been in a relationship with your current partner?

Less than a year
2-5 years
More than 5 years
We've been seeing each other for some time, not sure if it's official...

How intimate is your relationship?

We've had a few major fights without breaking up
We've met each other's siblings
We regularly spend nights together
We make weekly and monthly plans together

Which of these incidents have occurred in your relationship?

A big gesture of love - a high-value gift, an expensive trip, a wedding e.t.c.
One of us was angry and they mentioned the relationship was not worth it.
A substantial sacrifice for the other person, forgoing an opportunity, making a large investment e.t.c.
Micro-cheating or emotional cheating

When you disagree with your partner, how do you show it?

My partner and I are in synch, we don't disagree
The silent treatment
I'm a very expressive person, sometimes we talk, other times I act out
If the disagreement leads to a stalemate, I just ignore it and move on

Some reasons why most of the people close to you ended relationships

Cheating and violence
Losing attraction and sudden body changes
External and third-party influence
Incompatibility and not growing together

A couple that___________together, stays together.


What ended your last relationship?

Mutual separation
Long distance

Pick a profession you would never date

Start-Up Founder
Manual labourer

What do you feel is missing in your current relationship?

Trust: I don't feel like past mistakes are forgiven and forgotten
Seriousness: I don't feel like it's going anywhere
Genuine connection: I feel like we are not completely ourselves in the relationship
Intimacy: I'd like us to explore more in the bedroom

Pick a statement that is true about your relationship

People say we look good together, #couplegoals
Best relationship I've been in for a while
It's not perfect but we choose to stay together
We're compatibly controversial
Your score: Your relationship will most likely end in cheating.
It seems like there are not enough safeguards against cheating in your current relationship and it seems to be your biggest dealbreaker.
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Your score: Your relationship will most likely end by mutual agreement.
You seem like pragmatic people who don't like to cause a scene or dwell on things, you will probably agree to part ways amicably.
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Your score: Someone will be ghosted!
It's not the worst way to end a relationship but it is also not the best but it is what it is.
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Your score: Looks like it's 'til death do we part' for you.
Seems like you're in a healthy relationship, probably one that will go on for a very long time.
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