In a Twitter post, the club suggested that they would like offer a trial opportunity to Arhin Aboagye.

Aboagye’s inspirational story as an inmate has been trending after it was told in a documentary by TV3’s Juliet Bawuah, titled ‘Football behind bars”.

In a documentary, the young man tells the story of how he’s been working hard to realise his dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper.

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According to him, he has always wanted to become a goalkeeper but his parents preferred having him in school instead.

He said being in prison has dealt him a massive reality check and, he doesn’t just look forward to being reformed, but also taking advantage of every opportunity to launch a career.

Now, Aboagye could be set for a spell in the Ghana Premier League, with Great Olympics expressing interest.

“Bring him to us...we'd love to give him a chance. Such a talented lad,” the club wrote on Twitter after quoting a video of the documentary.

This comes after Ajax star Andre Onana promised to send a signed jersey and gloves to the convicted goalkeeper.

The Cameroon international goalkeeper was touched by Aboagye’s effort to launch a career as a goalkeeper despite being in prison.

“Arhin, keep up the great work. I'll send you my signed shirt and gloves. I look forward to seeing you stop more penalties wearing them!” Onana wrote on Twitter after sighting the documentary.