The General Secretary of the World Players’ Union popularly known as FIFPro Theo Van Seggelen has said that a deal an agreement has been made with the

Mr Van Seggelen was in Ghana for the FIFPro-AFPro general Assembly in Ghana. Mr Seggelen in  a bid to improve the conditions of football players all over the world met with the Ghana Football Association President.

He was speaking to Kwese TV when he stated that an agreement for specified payments concerning players on the local scene had been reached when he met the President of the Ghana Football Association.

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"We had a fruitful meeting when we met the President and we came to some conclusions. We also contacted FIFA to implement rules in Ghana and across Africa. FIFA after the meeting decided to use Ghana as a “pilot project”.

"We are going to have minimum salaries in as soon as possible in Ghana. This is where we will have minimum standard contracts.”

The pilot project as mentioned by Mr Van Seggelen did mean that Ghana was the first country these rules will be implemented in Afrcia.

Mr Van Seggelen spoke on how the implementation of such rules will send a message to the rest of the world

“Ghana is the first country in Africa whereby FIFA and FIFPro are working together to bring this contract with minimum salaries to show the world that is it is possible for the other federation in Africa to have similar rules like that of Europe."

This is deemed to solve the issue of poor remuneration for players in Africa.