Member of the two-man FIFA liaison team Oti Akenteng has disclosed that local football is expected to return in full gear in August 2019.

Government of Ghana has put the activities of local football on hold after the ‘Number 12’ expose’ uncovered several rots in Ghana football.

Injunction has been placed on the activities of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), as government take steps to dissolve the GFA and bring reforms into Ghana football.

A two man liaison was formed after a joint meeting between representative from government and FIFA to manage the affairs of football in the country and lead the restructuring of football.

Oti Akenteng, the Technical Director of the GFA, who is a member of the liaison team has hinted that the Ghana Premier League and other domestic competitions are expected to resume in August 2019.

‘We are still experiencing some difficulties as Liaison team ,we must exercise some patience,’ Akenteng is reported to have told Angel FM in an interview to be aired on Monday.

"We all want the best same us journalists, let us use this opportunity to do good with our league with this glorious opportunity from God.

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‘You said you want us to move with the European calendar of which it is August /September but let me ask are we ready for it this year ? No!

‘So we have one year difference which is next year to organize our league.'

‘It got to a time we stayed for six months (6) without league ..let's wait for just one year and see what we can do.’

The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) appointed Mr. Francis Oti Akenteng and Dr. Kofi Amoah as liaison officers for Ghana, to ensure the smooth participation of the country in upcoming international competitions about 7 seven weeks ago.