The biggest fixture in the Ghana Premier League will be played on match day 10, when Hearts of Oak host their bitterest rivals Asante Kotoko.

The season will kick off with interesting fixtures: Hearts of Oak will face New Edubiase in Accra, while champions Ashgold take on Medeama at Obuasi, whereas Asante Kotoko will travel to Sogakope to play WAFA on the match day 1.

Below are the fixtures:

Match day 1

ACCRA                       -   Hearts of Oak                     vs      New Edubiase

CAPE COAST             -  Dwarfs                                 vs     Dreams FC

BECHEM                     -  Bechem United                    vs     Liberty Professionals

TEMA                          -  Inter Allies                            vs    Aduana Stars

WA                              - Wa All Stars                          vs    Hasaacas

TECHIMAN                  - Techiman City                        vs   Chelsea

SOGAKOPE                -  WAFA                                   vs   Kotoko

OBUASI                       - AshantiGold                           vs    Medeama SC

Match day 2

OBUASI                      - New Edubiase                         vs    Dwarfs

KUMASI                      - Kotoko                                     vs     AshantiGold

BEREKUM                    - Chelsea                                  vs    WAFA

SEKONDI                     - Hasaacas                                vs    Techiman City

DORMAA                      - Aduana Stars                          vs    Wa All Stars

DANSOMAN                  - Liberty Prof.                            vs    Inter Allies

DAWU                            - Dreams                                   vs   Bechem

TARKWA                       - Medeama                                 vs  Hearts of Oak

Match day 3

Cape Coast         Dwarfs                                  vs            Hearts of Oak

Bechem               Bechem Utd                       vs            New Edubiase

Tema                     Inter Allies                          vs            Dreams

Wa                         Wa All Stars                        vs            Liberty

Techiman            Techiman City                    vs            Aduana

Sogakope            WAFA                                   vs            Hasaacas

Obuasi                  Ashantigold                        vs            Chelsea

Kumasi                 Kotoko                                 vs            Medeama

Match day 4

Obuasi                  New Edubiase                   vs            Inter Allies

Accra                     Hearts of Oak                    vs            Bechem Utd

Berekum             Chelsea                                                vs            Kotoko

Sekondi                                Hasaacas                              vs            Ashantigold

Dormaa                                Aduana                                vs            WAFA

Dawu                    Dreams                                vs            Wa All Stars

Dansoman          Liberty                                  vs            Techiman City

Tarkwa                 Medeama                           vs            Dwarfs

Match day 5

Bechem               Bechem Utd                     vs            Dwarfs

Tema                     Inter Allies                      vs            Hearts of Oak

Wa                         Wa All Stars                   vs            New Edubiase

Techiman            Techiman City                    vs            Dreams FC

Sogakope            WAFA                                vs            Liberty

Obuasi                  Ashantigold                      vs            Aduana

Kumasi                 Kotoko                               vs            Hasaacas

Berekum             Chelsea                               vs            Medeama

Match day 6

Obuasi               New Edubiase                   vs            Techiman City

Accra                  Hearts of Oak                    vs            Wa All Stars

Cape Coast         Dwarfs                               vs            Inter Allies

Sekondi              Hasaacas                           vs            Chelsea

Dormaa               Aduana                              vs            Kotoko

Dansoman          Liberty                                 vs            Ashantigold

Dawu                    Dreams                              vs            WAFA

Tarkwa                 Medeama                           vs            Bechem Utd

Match day 7

Tema                     Inter Allies                          vs            Bechem Utd

Wa                         Wa All Stars                        vs            Dwarfs

Techiman            Techiman City                    vs            Hearts of Oak

Sogakope            WAFA                                   vs            New Edubiase

Obuasi                  Ashantigold                        vs            Dwarfs

Kumasi                 Kotoko                                 vs            Liberty

Berekum             Chelsea                                 vs            Aduana

Sekondi              Hasaacas                              vs            Medeama

Match day 8

Obuasi                  New Edubiase                   vs            Ashantigold

Accra                     Hearts of Oak                    vs            WAFA

Cape Coast         Dwarfs                                  vs            Techiman City

Bechem               Bechem Utd                         vs            Wa All Stars

Dormaa               Aduana                                vs            Hasaacas

Dansoman          Liberty                                  vs            Chelsea

Dawu                    Dreams                                vs            Kotoko

Tarkwa                 Medeama                           vs            Inter Allies

Match day 9

Wa                         Wa All Stars                        vs            Inter Allies

Techiman               Techiman City                    vs            Bechem Utd

Sogakope               WAFA                                   vs            Dwarfs

Obuasi                   Ashantigold                        vs            Hearts of Oak

Kumasi                 Kotoko                                 vs            New Edubiase

Berekum             Chelsea                                                vs            Dreams

Sekondi                                Hasaacas                              vs            Liberty

Dormaa                                Aduana                                vs            Medeama

Match day 10

Obuasi                  New Edubiase                   vs            Chelsea

Accra                     Hearts of Oak                    vs            Kotoko

Cape Coast         Dwarfs                                  vs            Ashantigold

Bechem               Bechem Utd                       vs            WAFA

Tema                     Inter Allies                          vs            Techiman City

Dansoman          Liberty                                  vs            Aduana

Dawu                    Dreams                                vs            Hasaacas

Tarkwa                 Medeama                           vs            Wa All Stars

Match day 11

Techiman            Techiman City                    vs            Wa All Stars

Sogakope            WAFA                                   vs            Inter Allies

Obuasi                  Ashantigold                        vs            Bechem Utd

Kumasi                 Kotoko                                 vs            Dwarfs

Berekum             Chelsea                                                vs            Hearts of Oak

Sekondi                                Hasaacas                              vs            New Edubiase

Dormaa                                Aduana                                vs            Dreams

Dansoman          Liberty                                  vs            Medeama

Week  12

Obuasi                  New Edubiase                   vs            Aduana

Accra                     Hearts of Oak                    vs            Hasaacas

Cape Coast         Dwarfs                                  vs            Chelsea

Bechem               Bechem Utd                       vs            Kotoko

Tema                     Inter Allies                          vs            Ashantigold

Wa                         Wa All Stars                        vs            WAFA

Dawu                    Dreams                                vs            Liberty

Tarkwa                 Medeama                           vs            Techiman City