GFA problems are self-inflicted - Obiri Boahen

Legal practitioner Obiri Boahen says the Ghana Football Association are responsible for the problems they are facing

Head of the Legal firm, Obiri Boahen and Associates, Lawyer Obiri Boahen has said that members of the Ghana Football Association are responsible for whatever problems they encounter.


The Ghana Football Association in conjunction with the Premier League Board announced the start of the 2016 Ghana Premier League with legal issues between Techiman City and Wa African United yet to be cleared.

Wa African United who reported Techiman City to the FA with claims that their Division One match week 22 fixture against Techiman City was fixed, contacted Lawyer Obiri Boahen to file a protest against the start of the season.

Less than a week after Obiri Boahen wrote a letter to the GFA, the Ethics Committee ruled that Techiman City should be demoted to the third tier of Ghana football -- Division two, putting the start of the leagu in limbo.


But Lawyer Obiri Boahen insists the FA called for whatever problem they are encountering.

"We only wrote a harmless letter to the FA demanding for a copy of the Ethics Committee ruling on the case and that is not a crime," Lawyer Obiri Boahen told

"In the first place we were not even supposed to write to them before they make their ruling public, but the FA intracecent posture or behaviour," he added.

The Ghana Football Association reached a decision to fix a date for the commencement of the league whilst the Ethics Committee continued to deliberate on the issue. Lawyer Obiri Boahen described their reasoning as "highest order of absurdity."

"Somebody in his right frame of mind is telling you that let us start the league whilst Wa African United, RTU and Arsenal's sort it out. Isn't that absurd, absurdity of the highest order because for how long will it take to determine the fate of that protest?


"Absurdity also in the sense that, assuming you start the league and Ethics Committee rules that Techiman City should be demoted, what will be the outcome of the matches played by Techiman?

"Are you not inconveniencing those clubs. Isn't it insane, Isn't it share madness or stupidity? Why don't you clear the table first. Why did they not make sure that all protest, all complaints has been dealt with?

"Whatever problems they have are self-inflicted, self-inflicted in the sense that those who have been given the mandate football in this country are running as if they are amateur administrators. They are not running our football like professionals.

"Ghana football is not dogged with problems but those at the top has no sense of their own."

The Ghana Premier League will go on as planned despite the demotion of Techiman City.


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