Fixtures and kick-off times for matchday 14

Matchday 14 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will produce a lot of thrills

Germany will face South Korea, while Mexico who have already booked their place in the knockout stage will come up against Sweden. The Scandinavians need a win to boost their chances of toppling the four times champions of the world to the second spot, should they slip.

Both games will be played at 2:00pm Ghanaian time, 3:00pm in Nigeria and 5:00pm in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

In the Evening Brazil will take on Serbia, whereas Switzerland face Costa Rica who confimed their exit after the second round of matches. Brazil, Serbia and Switzerland have the chance of progressing through to the knockout stage

The kick-off time is 6:00pm Ghanaian time, while in Nigeria it will start at 7:00pm and Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya will witness it at 9:00pm.