Twitter believes France can recreate 1998 win after Varane, Griezmann score to knockout Uruguay

Here are the reactions as France beat Uruguay 2-0 at the FIFA World Cup.

France set up a quarterfinal tie after victory against Argentina, while Uruguay progressed victory over Portugal.

The game ended 2-0 in favour of France through goals by Raphael Varane, Antoine Griezmann.

Hugo Lloris praised for save against Uruguay and spitting Dragon Fly


French goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris was hailed for his acrobatic save which denied Martin Caceres and Uruguay a goal in the first half of the game.

The shotstopper's save was discussed as well as a possible spitting of a bug from his mouth following the event.

Here are the reactions on Twitter, "Credit France. They swatted aside Uruguay's shithousing challenge with the ease with which Lloris spat out the Dragonfly. Didier Deschamps has turned his dizzyingly creative squad into a risk averse pragmatic unit. Not pretty to watch, but who would want to face them?"

"The most exciting part about that game for me was when almost swallowed a bug "


"Nothing can go past Hugo , be it ball or dragonfly. Man, is the real life, ben 10."

"Instead of building a wall, Trump should just employ Lloris to stand at the border "


"That save by Hugo is the type that could win France the World Cup. My Oh My!!!"

Antoine Griezmann receives praise, Muslera blamed as he emulates Karius

Antoine Griezmann received praise on Twitter as he scored the second goal for France but Fernando Muslera was blamed for allowing the goal just like Liverpool goalkeeper Lothar Karius.

Twitter users were of the opinion that Muslera should have done better with the shot which effectually killed off the game.


Here are the reactions to Muslera's mistake and Griezmann's goal,  "If an experienced goalkeeper like #Muslera can make that mistake, then #Karius is a saint."

"The latest graduate from the Karius University of Goalkeeping, #Muslera"

"Did no one else see that ball move in the air after #Muslera set himself? Bloody non goalkeepers giving their opinion!"


Mbappe trolled for Copying Neymar

Raphael  Varane's first half header gave France the lead against Uruguay and Twitter users were impressed with his goal.

The Real Madrid centre back was culpable for the goal Matt Hummels scored against France at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and made amends at the same stage in Russia.

Twitter users were also not impressed with Kylian Mbappe's antics against Uruguay as he went to ground as often as Neymar does for Brazil.


Here are the reactions to his ground hugging performance,  "Deary me, can’t imagine where learnt that."

"Neymar is a very bad influence to Mbappe"

"Neymar is a very bad influence to Mbappe"


"When & Neymar joined PSG, I knew he would learn few things to improve his game. He just showed one of the things he's learned from Neymar. is getting better than Neymar - both as a Footballer and an Actor!"

"Neymar: So here's what you do, get touched, even by a nail, then roll, be a rollercoaster

Mbappé: Okay boss. "

France to face Brazil/Belgium in semifinals


France will take on the winners of the game between Brazil and Belgium in the semifinals of the competition.


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