Half a small jar of  peanut butter

2 garden eggs

2 big Tomatoes

2 big red onion

1 big salmon

½ chicken

1 cup of rice

1 small tin of tomato puree

½ cube of vegetable stock



2 gloves of garlic


How to prepare it:

1. Wash all vegetables

2. Dissolve the peanut butter with water and boil until oil settles on top by stirring continously.

3. Boil the garden eggs, pepper and fresh tomatoes and blend when its cooked.

4. Blend the onion, ginger and garlic

5. Wash chicken and cut in desirable sizes into a saucepan and add blended onion, ginger and garlic.

6. Add salt and maggi cube. Turn the meat over after 3 minutes as it steams.

7. Add the blend garden eggs, pepper and fresh tomatoes the meat.

8. Fetch the oil from the paste, add water depending on the thickness you desire.

9. Pour into the saucepan containing the meat.

10. Divide the salmon into two equal, remove all bones. Further divide into parts, wash and put into the soup.

11. Add the tomato puree, increase the heat and leave to cook. Check for salt after 20 minutes.

12. Boil rice until it becomes very soft. Then stir vigorously using a big wooden spoon until the rice becomes a homogenous paste.

13. Fetch some of the rice and shape into balls.

14. Serve soup and rice balls.