Viral wedding photos of a man and his wife without arms and legs have left many people not only shocked, but having a rethink about what they refer to as love.

The photos show the beautiful bride with one of her hands amputated at the elbow and the other at her shoulder. As if that was not enough, her legs also got amputated at the knee.

It is unclear what resulted in her current condition, but it did not affect her beauty in anyway. She has a very beautiful face glowing with glee and smile.

What is more amazing is the fact that the man did not show any sign of disdain towards the disabled bride due to her condition. He looks genuinely as happy as the bride.

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Another question on the minds of some people is whether the lady was able bodied before they started dating and later suffered the situation that has resulted in her current state.

Well, whether the man met the lady in her current condition and still found her worthy to spend his life with or she became disable during their relationship and he still chose not to abandon her, both scenarios depict true love.

As a matter of fact, the newly wedded couple are just as happy as any other couple. The woman’s disability takes almost nothing away from their union.

What is unclear yet is the details of the couple and where the wedding took place.