A survey conducted by the Institute of Customer Service Professionals (ICSP) has revealed that customer service in the country is largely very poor.

The findings of the report showed that public institutions especially utility providers were the worse when it comes to good customer service delivery.

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Meanwhile, retail malls were at the top of the table as the leaders in good customer service.

The hospitality companies followed in second place and the third was online businesses.

Of all the 35 public Institutions surveyed including Passport office, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, Ghana Police Service, National Health Insurance Authority and the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, had a score of satisfaction which is 54.02 percent representing grade D.

The research also showed that these institutions still used the traditional means of customer interactions with a small fraction being digital.

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The ICSP recommended that service providers must commit some resources to train their staff on excellent customer service.

It added that mechanisms must be put in place to check customer service personnel in order to get the best.

Furthermore, the Institute wants the PURC and the Consumer Protection Agency to intensify their campaign against poor customer service.

Finally, the ICSP wants laws together with sanctions that will check the trend of poor customer service.