Here’s a full list of the 137 insurance, reinsurance and broking companies operating in Ghana currently, according to the insurance commission

 The National Insurance Commission (NIC) in Ghana has released a list of insurance, reinsurance and broking companies that are in good standing.

Justice Yaw Ofori, is the Commissioner of the National Insurance Commission

The 137 companies, according to the commission, are, as of September 2019, operational in the country.

The NIC revealed this in a press statement it issued on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

According to the statement, only businesses that appear on the list have been licensed to do business with the public.

The list comprises 20 life insurance companies, 28 non-life insurance companies, and three reinsurance companies as well as 86 insurance brokers, reinsurance brokers and loss adjusters.

Here’s a full list of the companies currently operating in the country:

Life insurance companies

  1. Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  2. Donewell Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  3. Enterprise Life Assurance Company Ltd.
  4. Exceed Life Company Ltd.
  5. First Insurance Company Ltd.
  6. Ghana Life Insurance Company
  7. Ghana Union Assurance Life Company Ltd.
  8. Glico Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  9. GN Life Assurance Company Ltd.
  10. Hollard Life Assurance Company Ltd.
  11. Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  12. Mi Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  13. Old Mutual Assurance Ghana Ltd.
  14. Phoenix Life Assurance Company Ltd.
  15. Prudential Life Insurance Ghana
  16. Quality Life Assurance Company Ltd.
  17. Saham Life Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  18. SIC Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  19. StarLife Assurance Company Ltd.
  20. Vanguard Life Assurance Company Ltd.

Non - life insurance companies

  1. Activa International Insurance Company Ltd.
  2. Allianz Insurance Company Ltd.
  3. Bedrock Insurance Company Ltd.
  4. Best Assurance Company Ltd.
  5. Donewell Insurance Company Ltd.
  6. Enterprise Insurance Company Ltd.
  7. Ghana Union Assurance Company Ltd.
  8. Glico General Insurance Company Ltd.
  9. Hollard Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  10. Imperial General Assurance Co. Ltd.
  11. Loyalty Insurance Company Ltd.
  12. Millennium Insurance Company Ltd.
  13. Multi Insurance Company Ltd.
  14. NSIA Ghana Insurance Company Ltd.
  15. Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.
  16. Prime Insurance Company Ltd.
  17. Priority Insurance Company
  18. Provident Insurance Company Ltd.
  19. Quality Insurance Company Ltd.
  20. RegencyNem Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  21. Saham Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  22. Serene Insurance Company Ltd.
  23. SIC Insurance Company Ltd.
  24. Star Assurance Company Ltd.
  25. Sunu Assurance Company Ltd.
  26. Unique Insurance Company Ltd.
  27. Vanguard Assurance Company Ltd.
  28. Wapic Insurance Ghana Ltd.

Reinsurance companies

  1. Ghana Reinsurance Company
  2. GN Reinsurance Company
  3. Mainstream Reinsurance Company 

Reinsurance contact office

  1. WAICA Reinsurance Company Limited

Insurance brokers, reinsurance brokers and loss adjusters

  1. A P & L Consult
  2. Afro Asia Reinsurance Brokers
  3. AG & Associates Ltd.
  4. Akoto Risk Management Ltd.
  5. Alhet Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  6. Allied Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  7. All Risks Consultancy Ltd.
  8. AllStar Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  9. Alpha Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  10. Apex Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  11. ARB Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  12. Ark Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  13. Arrowclass Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  14. Ascoma Ghana Ltd.
  15. Asterix Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  16. Baobab Brokers Ltd.
  17. Boaitey and Associates Ltd.
  18. Byllwych Ins. Brokers Ltd.
  19. Cardinal Brokers Ltd.
  20. Ceris International
  21. CLAIM Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  22. Corporate Trust Insurance Brokers
  23. Crown Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  24. Danniads Ltd.
  25. Dezag Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  26. Dynamic Brokers Ltd.
  27. Edward Mensah, Wood & Ass.
  28. Felin Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  29. First Anchor Risk Management Ltd.
  30. Functions Risk Management Ltd.
  31. GBL Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  32. Global Impact Insurance Brokers
  33. Goldlink Brokers Ltd.
  34. Goodwill Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  35. Horizon Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  36. IAM Loss Adjusters & Surveyors Ltd.
  37. Ideal Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  38. Insurance Centre of Excellence Ltd.
  39. Insurance Consultancies International Ltd.
  40. Insurance Management Services Ltd.
  41. Insurance Solutions Ltd.
  42. iRisk Management Ltd.
  43. K & A Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  44. KAV Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  45. KEK Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  46. KEK Reinsurance Brokers Ltd.
  47. Khols & Hols Brokers Ltd.
  48. Liberty Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  49. Lordship Brokers Ltd.
  50. M & G Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  51. Maxpal Intermediaries Ltd.
  52. Metrix Brokerage Company Ltd.
  53. Midas Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  54. Multinational Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  55. NDL Insurance Consult
  56. Novelty Brokers Ltd.
  57. Oak Insurance Brokers
  58. Pacific Ins. Brokers Ltd.
  59. Premier Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  60. Progressive Insurance Services Ltd.
  61. Prudent Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  62. RCH Loss Adjusters Ltd.
  63. Reinsurance Solutions Ltd.
  64. Riscovery Limited
  65. Risk Management Adv. Serv. Ltd.
  66. Risk Partners Ltd.
  67. Safeguard Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  68. Safety Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  69. Saviour Insurance Brokers
  70. Shield Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  71. Strategic Insurance Consult
  72. Supreme Trust Brokers Ltd.
  73. Trans-National Ins. Brokers Ltd.
  74. Trinity Ins. Brokers Ltd.
  75. Tri-Star Insurance Services Ltd.
  76. Universal Ins. Consultants Ltd.
  77. Visal Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  78. Visal Reinsurance Brokers Ltd.
  79. Willis Towers Watson Gh. Ltd.
  80. Worldwide Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  81. Beulah Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  82. Excel Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  83. Nsano Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  84. Expertise Ghana Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  85. Glow Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  86. Sealand Insurance Brokers Ltd.


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