How soon would you say 'I love you'? Check out these 5 ways men say I love you without a word

Always look for small ways to make your partner feel special and loved.

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Always surprise her

To make your girlfriend feel loved and special, always surprise every now and then.

One of the best ways to let someone know you love them is by surprising them every now and then. It shows your lover that you think of them even when they aren’t around.

Are you going shopping? See if you find something your lover will like or buy a box of chocolates or even a tee shirt.


Pay attention to little details

What turns you partner on? Small gestures like breakfast in bed, text them at work, remove her shoes when she comes home and massage her feet, lay the bed and do things to please her. Show her how much you love her and adore her.

It keeps the sparkle in your relationship and strengthens your relationship.

Public display of affection


Let the world know how much you appreciate and love her for choosing you as her partner. Share your lovey-dovey photos on social media with heartwarming captions.

It’s a little romantic gesture that shows your partner that you’re proud to show them off as your lover to the rest of the world.

Be the pillar to lean on

Support your girlfriend through thick and thin. Love isn’t always about affection and lovemaking. Afford her your unflinching support without her even asking.

Help her become a better person by correcting her flaws, and let your partner see that you’ll always be there for them no matter what.


Listen to her

Some women are talkative, always talking about everything but nothing. Just listen to her to sieve out the good information and act upon it.

Respect your opinion, views and seek for her advice especially in matters concerning your relationship, never ever rubbish her off even if her suggestions don't make sense. Listening to her makes her happy and feel loved.


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