It is important to know which professions earn more with greater opportunities than others.

It is widely believed that people who earn more are often flexible and get more opportunities than those who do not earn much. Individuals can take advantage of these opportunities to excel in life.

Here are the seven highest paying jobs in Ghana:

1.  Fuel Handler

There aren’t many vacancies in this position. Fuel handlers ensure that aircraft and other vessels are properly fueled. They usually have to undergo training before they can be certified.

This is the highest paying job in Ghana. The average annual salary is $22,000 (120,000 cedis).

2.  Transportation/Shipping Supervisor

This is one of the many office jobs in Ghana that has seen an incredible rise in employment in the last decade. Transportation/shipping supervisors oversee the logs of all merchandise shipped and received from a company.

They also maintain schedules, communicate with customers, and, in some cases, plan routes. The average annual salary is $20,000 (108,000 cedis).

3.  Account Manager

Many companies have many accounts with customers, contractors, and other businesses. As an account manager, it’s your job to keep the relationship between your company and its customers on good terms. It’s also your job to find ways to increase the number of accounts your company has.

The average annual salary is $13,000 (73,000 cedis).

4.  Project Manager

Consider this one of the many marketing jobs you can do. As a project manager, it’s your job to take abstract ideas and concepts and form executable plans from them. From there, you send them to the operations managers, who oversee the process below.

Project managing positions are one of the fasting growing jobs in Ghana, today. The average annual salary is $12,800 (70,000 cedis).

5.  English Professor

Surprisingly, English professors are some of the most respected professionals in Ghana. The average annual salary is $11,000 (60,000 cedis).

6.  Operations Manager

Operations managers are expected to oversee the production process of goods or service. Sometimes, they change the workflow pattern to improve efficiency and cut costs.

The average annual salary is $8,800 (48,000 cedis).

7.  Business Analyst

Business analysts rarely have one job description, although they generally fall under the description of IT jobs. Their main objective is to be the communicator between the executives and administrators and the staff.

Sometimes business analysts represent the company in public speaking gigs, negotiate prices, and sometimes oversee projects. The average annual salary is $4,400 (24,000 cedis).