6 things you should know before going to SHS

Here are 6 things you should know before you get to the Senior High School

New students will be admitted in the schools. Most people are happy they have gained admission others are not enthused.

But no matter your emotions there are things you should know before you get to the Senior High School. Here are 7 of them.

1. Don’t try to fit in

It is ok to be unique. Always be your genuine self. Do not worry about friends who like you because you show them your true self. Your genuine friends will love you.

2. Your parents know all the tricks

You think you are smart because you get to lie to your parents to give you extra money for things you do not need? No, you are not. They know all the tricks. They just allow you to sometimes have your way.

3. You will not die if you eat from the dining hall

In your first year, your seniors will make it look like the food from the dining hall is never the best. But they still enjoy it. Eat what you are offered in the dining hall unless you have a health reason why you should not eat.

4. You will fail sometimes. It’s ok

Failure is the only way to reach success. You will make the best grades but sometimes you will also make some bad ones. Don’t be too down-hearted. Instead, do your best to make better grades.

5. It is not all about academics

Join extra-curricular clubs. Learn new things and have fun. At least join one club or association that does not have anything to do with your field of study.

6. Save some food for exams season

Do not eat all your provisions before the exam starts. During exams, you will go hungry frequently especially when you don’t have a paper. Save some of your provisions for such times.


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