Did you know selfies can cause wrinkles?

Almost everybody takes a selfie. But did you know it can cause you to age quicker?

Apparently selfies are not just a harmless indulgence like we all thought.


According to skin care experts taking selfies of yourself with your phone can accelerate ageing.

According to Dermatologists the blue light and electromagnetic radiation from the phone can cause severe damages to the skin.

Dr Simon Zokaie, medical director of the Linia Skin Clinic in Harley Street, who revealed the dangers taking selfies which have a become global phenomenon at a conference in London said "I think there is a gap in the market for products which protect because I know there are people who take lots of selfies, and bloggers who come to me and I have seen that there is damage and ageing taking place.

“It's a different wavelength of radiation so sunscreen will not block it,” adding that “Those who take a lot of selfies and bloggers should worry. Even the blue light we get from our screens can damage our skin."

Aside the wrinkles that your phone selfies can cause, they can be a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

According to the bacteria on your toilet seat do not even match to what you have on your phone and this is quite worrying.


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