Between joy and sadness, the world is divided on UK's vote to leave EU

UK slammed the door on the European Union at the end of a Thursday evening referendum with 51.9% of votes (17,410,742) in favor of leaving the EU.


Early reactions saw the pound stumble on the trading market, losing about 10 cents against the dollar in a few hours, but many are still divided on whether this is a win for Britain, the world or not.

The UK vote sent the pound sterling to its lowest levels since the 1980s, and stocks in Asia are tanking. US and UK stock futures are also plummeting, signaling a brutal day ahead. The surprise result will rattle Europe and shape the nation’s place in the world for years to come. Oil prices plunged on the news.

Most Europeans are aware that their daily lives should soon suffer the practical consequences of the country's exit from the European Union. But some are just still undecided.

This happy Brexit supporter has no holds to his joy

This guy who still can't understand what just happened

Well granted, Donald Trump is occupied trying to become POTUS

No, seriously no!

Obviously not an exit supporter

Just another non-Brexit supported who knows maths

Funny, but can't be that far from the truth

And to round it all up

The vote is still in the early days, but the projected consequences seem a little dire from Britain and Europe as a whole. But what do you think about Britain's exit from the European Union? Will other countries follow suit?


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