According to him, it is his hope that Parliament will soon implement a legislation that makes it compulsory for all children to attain education from the basic level to the university.

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The President made this statement whiles addressing the Ghanaian community in China, where he is currently on a state visit.

“My hope is that soon, Parliament and myself will be in agreement that we should even bring legislation that will make it compulsory for every child in Ghana to go to school from kindergarten right up to university level,” he stated.

He said he is committed to making the Free Senior High School (Free SHS) programme work, irrespective of the current challenges.

The Free SHS is entering its second academic year, but the policy has been hit by issues of inadequate in infrastructure and a lack of funding.

However, President Akufo-Addo said his government is bent on “continuing down this road” in order to ensure access to secondary education.

He added that once this is achieved, his sights would then be turned to ensuring that education is made compulsory from the kindergarten level up to the university.


According to him, talks are already underway for a legislation, adding that when this is done, parents who fail to enrol their wards into school will be sanctioned.

President Akufo-Addo further stated that his government has plans of also making university education free.

“…the government treasures education and so, we will do everything to make it easily accessible to all children. If God permits and we are able to fix this economy for it to improve, we will even make university education free,” he added.