The Attorney Generals Department has argued that the four suspects standing trial for

The ages of the suspects was challenged by the AG.

They were, however, discharged by the Asokwa juvenile court with the argument that  one of the suspects in the case is not a minor.

Charges of rape and conspiracy to rape against the suspects were also dropped.

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The case has now been referred to an open court to continue with proceedings.

Lawyer for the suspects, E. O. Opoku, said his clients were juveniles since their ages had not yet been proven.

He said "The AG is making a case that one of them is not a juvenile and is therefore praying the court to send the case to a court of summary jurisdiction… We are saying that the court cannot make the referral to the Court of Summary jurisdiction on the basis that no determination has been made as to the age of the children. To us, they are all juveniles and must be tried by the juvenile court."

The boys were among seven teenagers who were seen on video gang-raping a teenager at Bantama in Kumasi.

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The seven suspects attend either senior high or junior high schools at Bantama.

Their names and those of their schools are being withheld for security reasons.

The four suspects were arrested after a video circulating on social media showed them forcibly performing sexual acts with a teenage girl.

Many who were outraged by the video called on the police to ensure that the boys are prosecuted.