The Acting Deputy Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES) Anthony Boateng has revealed that the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the service Rev. Jonathan Bettey was transferred from Accra to Cape Coast for forging his promotional letter.

In an interview with Accra-based Kasapa FM, Mr Boateng said Rev Bettey never went for an interview for him to be promoted to the level of a Deputy Director.

“I and my Director General took office early part of last year(2017) and we had a lot of issues we were dealing with. Then someone alerted us that there are some staff whose promotion letter they suspect was fraudulent.”

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“So we started investigations into the matter and I invited him and he admitted that he’s never attended an interview for promotion to the level of Deputy Director. He was asked where he got the promotion letter from and he said it was a gift from the former Director-General to him. Can you imagine this,” he added.

He said even though the conduct of Rev Bettey demanded criminal punishment they decided to be lenient by transferring him.

“We felt we had done him a favour by quietly transferring him from the face of the GES to a region. We felt this is something criminal but we wanted to massage it, then he goes out there to talk the way he did.”

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His explanations came after Rev Bettey told the media that he has been transferred for political reasons.

“They have transferred me to Cape Coast … you say wow, yea…that’s Ghana politics for you. I’ve been transferred so I can’t speak, thank you.”