Actress lambasts Dela Coffie over his article against Valerie Sawyerr

In a post on Facebook, the award-winning actress wondered whether the NDC activist had run out of words.

In a post on social media, the award-winning actress wondered whether the NDC activist had run out of words.

She said that the words used in the article against the former deputy chief of staff were the exact words Dela Coffie used in chastising her three years ago when she criticised the John Mahama-led government over the frequent power attacks.

Lydia Forson is also surprised that the activist could suddenly change his stance on pressing issues of the party in order to favour a particular course.

Below is the full article by Lydia Forson

Dela Coffie; the asphyxiating political “MONGREL” Dear Dela Coffie , remember me? Ah what a difference 3 years makes huh?My hair’s longer, your party’s in opposition and you’re now speaking against the very person you condemned me to the brothel over.Ah! What a life.I won’t lie I’m gloating right now.Focus Lydia, Focus.Ok. This is going to be a long one,because it’s been marinating for 3years.But first a little background shall we?About 3 years years ago, like many Ghanaians I was frustrated by the rampant power cuts, economy and many other issues in the country, and that frustration led me to write an open letter to the now ex- president John Mahama.A letter many said was disrespectful and an insult to his leadership, and people agreed or disagreed depending on what side of the political divide they belonged to at that moment .However I was confident in the president’s communication skills and expected him to understand the intent of the letter.For the NDC sympathizers who disagreed with my letter, they took it upon themselves to attack me on every available platform with Dela Coffie leading the pack.Here’s his response to my letter;Lydia, knowledge is divine, and so, instead of trying so hard to become a poster girl for crass and classless behaviour, read and expand your horizon and see clearly what’s happening with regards to the solutions being proffered to the energy challenges.Need I tell you that no vigorous campaign of calumny can throw the president off balance?I am not sure if this your frequent throwing of tantrums is a menopausal irritability or a midlife issue. Whatever it is, I am sure President Mahama is ready to take an advise on morality but certainly not from a brothel.But before I proceed, Dela, your deliberate use of dictionary reaching words is not lost on me, I see you.But bro, putting a bunch of big words together doesn’t constitute an intelligent piece.The Boy is a Fool.The Boy is Ignoramus.They all mean the same thing.So your choice of words don’t change the fact that you often blow “Chwum” ( please refer to pidgin dictionary for meaning)Also, what’s your obsession with Whores, Menopause, Poster Girl for Crass, Mid life Crises and the many repetitive adjectives you use to describe any woman you disagree with?Compare his letter to me from this excerpt of his letter to Dr Valarie Sawyer below;Valerie, you can choose to be the poster girl for crass behaviour. You can even choose to be whorish for all I care but next time you write a critical essay, make sure it is against gods with clay feet or you end up dancing naked in front of the intelligent public.As a true party activist, I feel like chewing you up-and spitting you out- as you did to Rawlings. But then again, I sympathise with you largely on humanitarian grounds -the fact you are an old maid who might be having mid-life issues.Is it possible to plagiarize oneself or this is just a case of ‘Passco‘. ( I guess we’ve all passco’d at some point, but your own di33 it’s like it’s all you have). And I’m also very certain, like many misogynists before you, you believe using choice words like these to describe a woman makes you feel oh so powerful or think it diminishes her in a way.But someone needs to tell you, your adjectives don’t change a person’s achievements or who they are, they just EXPOSE your own INADEQUACIES; the dry, lifeless, hanging harmattan scrotum in need of a support you actually are. Cue “Joy Daddy music”.But this post isn’t entirely about you, you’re just a part of a much bigger problem; so I’m hanging up my petty boots on this one.Before I proceed, however, it’s important to note that my piece has NOTHING to do with the ongoing conflict within the NDC, that’s of NO interest to me and I don’t know enough to even have an opinion it either.So please leave me out of it.It’s entirely about the Dela Coffies in our political system and the many other chameleons like him who possess the unique ability to morph into whatever they attach themselves to.They’re the real danger to our country’s development.They’re so full of personal ambition and are willing to do just about anything to achieve these goals.And a lot of our politicians take advantage of their ambition and use them as pawns in their political games.This is why I didn’t immediately respond to his verbal attacks on me years ago; I understood his desperation.Truth is I knew one day he’d expose himself because that’s just how predictable people like him are.If you give a person enough rope they’ll hang themselvesSo Dela, you’re choking.Your party’s in opposition and your survival instincts are kicking in I see.Suddenly we’re supposed to believe in your “objectivity”?We’re supposed to believe you have the country’s interest at heart?We’re supposed to believe you “respect” others opinions?we have been taught in saner climes to respect opinions of persons on the other swing of subject matters.- Dela CoffieWhere was this Dela Coffie three years ago, last year or even election season?Oh I know, you were surviving then too right?And your survival then meant ensuring your party stayed in power.It meant rigorously supporting and campaigning for a man who you now claim shouldn’t stand for president in 2020. Read (here)A man who you say caused your parties loss, no wait ; actually loose mouths like yours contributed largely to it too, but I doubt you’re willing to admit that whores and menopausal women have votes too.Now I’m in no position to confirm your allegations against the former president and his team; but surely you must understand how confusing your ever changing position is to all of us.How do we believe a thing you have to say, when for several years you lashed out and bullied anyone with an opinion against your government.How do you explain the passion with which you campaigned for him?So you were willing to allow the country suffer under a man who according to you made such terrible choices?A man, you were, until recently, kissing his ass and ready to spread the cheeks and all but lick the sh** too.Wow.And we’re to TRUST you now?But I don’t blame you, but our leaders for your likes, because we have a version of you in almost every major political party from NPP to CPP , PNC etc.Didn’t the very people who supported me against Dela Coffie’s attacks turn around to do the same to me the minute they thought I was against them?I’m sure if I ask people to point the Dela Coffies in every party, some names will be prominent.(humour me and name a few)And they’re like a click of friends too, who hang out at drinking spots, chase girls together, slap each other on their back for what politician’s greedy pocket they’re benefiting from and who to target next.They start of as “yes sa massa” boys, who run errands and just “help” a big man out with one or two things.Later they graduate to helping them out on much bigger things, and in some cases start to help them out in their areas of business.Their services are paid for with transportation here and there, mobile phones, and money to “sort out” their own issues.They usually have no real jobs, and their business ventures change depending on who they’re dealing with.Soon enough they become the right hand man to these “big people”, and their wealth is dependent on the fortunes of these men.They become the YES men and even women who like dogs are used to play a game of “fetch” for their masters, especially during campaign season.They’re the ones who do all the dirty work, most especially online to help their parties maintain or win power. What drives them is their own personal ambition which they try to pass off as national interest.We saw many of them during our recent elections; how they defended the irrational, shamed people with opposing views and launched verbal attacks on anyone they felt was in their party’s way.And they were left to it, even when their actions became unethical and sometimes dangerous, why? Because they served their purpose to their “masters” who were willing to overlook bad their behavior if it helped their intentions.Didn’t Dela tag several prominent politicians in his post against me? Only a few within his party were bold enough to speak against him for it.The rest, including women were very comfortable with his methods and egged him on.But what politicians are yet to learn is that, like dogs, they’re only loyal to the one with the biggest bone, and that determines their narrative. So Dela Coffie is the Poster Boy for dog nation. His like is why it’s become almost impossible to have any tangible conversation about issues in this country and why we’re still several years behind our vision.And the jokes on us the people, who have become equally blinded by our party affiliation that we don’t speak out against these people and others like him.Our silence endorses their bad behavior, and it’s only when they turn around and bite us do we see the depth of their infection.And rabies infected dogs don’t discriminate on who to bite, everyone’s a target especially their master.I never thought I’d say this, but I have more respect for a consistent Hon. Ken Agyapong who’ll stand for what he believes in whether his party is in or out of power, than a Dela Coffie who ONLY seems to find his voice in opposition.So Mr.Dela, keep your “faux objectivity” to yourself we don’t believe you for one second.Sincerely,The “brothel”, “Poster Girl for Crass”, “Menopausal” Girl you forgot had a VOTE that counted.P.S : I also get my periods on the regular, you might want to add that next time, seeing that you’re obsessed with the female reproductive system.


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