6 simple ways unemployed graduates can earn a living

Sometimes, you have to do new things while you wait for your dream job.


You don’t have to sit all day and stare at your phone for Human Resource to call you for an interview. The road to success is a rough one and you must go against all odds to make your dreams come true.

  • Sell clothes

Operating a mobile boutique is very lucrative especially if you target university students who feel a bit shy going to the marketplaces to shop. And we all know that is where one can get cheaper and quality apparels.

Humbly, talk to a shop owner who sells clothes to give you some clothes to sell and return the money latest that evening or early the next morning. If there is trust issues, use valuable asset such as watch or laptop you have a guaranteed to build trust.

After engaging in this business for two or more, you will be financially capable to start your own business if you invest wisely.

  • Sell pastries to corporate workers

Due to busy schedules, some corporate workers buy all their confectionaries, toiletries and even groceries online.

Most people want to buy fresh pastries, especially on Fridays for their family gatherings on weekend. Talk to your local baker about your new idea and how best she can help you to state your business. It won’t be easy but gradually, people will accept your products and make orders ahead of delivery date.

  • Be a realtor (Agent)

You have to very affable and humorous to do this kind of job between you are acting as a liaison between the landlord and the prospective tenant.

Scout your area for new buildings and talk to the landlords if he or she has intentions of leasing it out to people. Take photos and share in Whatsapp groups or you can create a blog to advertise the building.

  • Be a social media influence

Some brands are now partnering with an individual with a mass following on social media to market their products and services for them.

Brand yourself on social media and write proposals to companies who might be interested in your brand to do business with you.

  • Delivery man

It’s not easy gaining credibility as a delivery man or woman. You need to earn people’s trust before they can ensure the safety of their products in your care. Start with family and friends and share photos and great reviews on social media to attract new customers.

  • Late night driver

Debately, every university or vocational student should have a passport and driving license before graduating.

With your driving license, you can apply as a late night driver at any taxi rank or station as a part-time staff. You can easily get money this job and invest to start up your own business.


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