Former president John Dramani Mahama has rejected reports suggesting he is not on good terms with predecessor Jerry John Rawlings.

Talks of the pair being at loggerheads have again resurfaced after they appeared to exchange a cold handshake during the recent thanksgiving service to mark the Silver Jubilee of Ghana’s Fourth Republic.

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In a viral video, Rawlings is seen wasting no time on pleasantries and appeared to hurriedly bypass Mahama without uttering a word.

However, commenting on the subject, Mahama has quashed reports that he is not on good terms with his predecessor.

According to him, there is absolutely no problem between them, whiles also acknowledging Rawlings as the man who gave him a career in politics.

“I don’t have any problem with President Rawlings; he gave me my opportunities in life,” Mahama said, whiles speaking on GBC 24.

“When I came in as a young member of parliament, it was his appointment as Deputy Minister that got me noticed and he appointed me as Minister of Communications until we left office in 2001, and so, I don’t have absolutely anything against President Rawlings.”

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He added that the fact that Rawlings did not speak to him following the handshake does not mean they have a strained relationship.

He, therefore, attributed Rwalings’ posture to his occasional mood change, saying “you have to learn what mood he is in and adjust to it”.

“Sometimes he’s in a mood where he doesn’t want to engage in any conversation and so recently at the Thanksgiving; they were giving all kinds of interpretation to the handshake,” Mahama remarked.

“There are occasions where he comes and you don’t know what mood he is in, he greets military style and passes but there are on some other occasions, I met him in Kpando and we had a very warm handshake and we exchanged pleasantries.”