Ransford Gyampo names who and how Atta Mills was killed

Ransford Gyampo accused Rawlings of killing Atta Mills using his weapons of insults.

He said Prof Atta Mills death is not natural adding that he was killed.

He accused former President Jerry John Rawlings of killing Atta Mills using his weapons of insults.

His statements come at the back of Rawlings, who over the weekend labelled former Presidents John Mahama and John Agyekum Kufour as rogues and wicked while addressing chiefs in the Volta Region.

The comments drew a wide condemnation from a cross section of Ghanaians who said the words used by the former leader was unnecessary and vile.

Rawlings had said: "I know with my integrity when I die, I will go to heaven but when I see these corrupt leaders, I will ask permission from God and flog them.

"If they don’t leave heaven for me, I will go and leave the heavens and join Satan in hell because I cannot stay in the same place with them."

In a Facebook post, Ransford Gyampo said "I am sure Atta Mills died partly because of your harsh attacks and insults."

But Rawlings has since asked for forgiveness. He said he has regretted his comments and therefore he is withdrawing them.

Below is his Facebook post:

"You insult former Presidents and later apologize. This is not coming from a contrite heart.

You create an impression that you are the only pious politician in Ghana. That’s not fair.

Any level 100 student of Politics knows the human rights abuses and acts of corruption you superintended. You issued a White Paper to counteract the CHRAJ findings of corruption against your appointees. How about the Abacha money you received?. We know of the beating and physical assaults on your Veep. We know of the over-turning of taxi cabs. We are aware of your Jentulization of an innocent boy, the shaving of the hair of Selassie Jentu with broken bottles for refusing to continue a relationship with your daughter. Your wife described this as a mere IDENTIFICATION HAIRCUT.

Ghanaians seem to have forgiven you. In the various nation-wide consultations of the Constitutional Review Commission, Ghanaians were asked whether the Indemnity Clauses of the Constitution that shields you should be removed. But they said “sleeping dogs must lie”

Its the culture of forgiveness among Ghanaians that makes you exist, not your professed sanctimonious political piety. I do not blame you too much.

I blame Civil Society. I blame the Christian Council. I blame eminent opinion leaders. I blame people who have led accomplished lives and are self-made and have retired from public service. I blame the Chiefs for not telling you in the face that your insults on the former Presidents were unacceptable. They haven’t been able to look at your face to tell you the plain truth, that, Ghana belongs to Ghanaians and that your crude utterances sometimes lower the bar for former Presidents.

I am sure Atta Mills died partly because of your harsh attacks and insults.

Enyansefoeeeeiiiiii….mo wo hi? The era of Culture of Silence is gone, so speak your mind against what is wrong so Ghana would progress."


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