You slept with my girl; Funny Face calls out Kalybos, Bismark The Joke and Lil Win (WATCH)

A conflict has sparked between Funny Face, Bismark The Joke and Kalybos and it is spilling secrets from the once upon a time good friends.

Kalybos, Fynny Face and Bismark The Joke

In a video seen by, Funny Face has angrily called out his colleague actors to shame them for betraying him. “Funny Face you’ve been destroyed for too long come out, Lil Win, Kalybos, Bismark The Joke, what have I done to you?” he asked in the video.

Expressing shock over the betrayal of his friends, Funny Face revealed that Kalybos even begged to have a girl of his and he allowed him to go ahead to sleep with the unnamed girl yet the comic actor with his other colleagues backbite him.


You Kalybos, stupid n*gga like you. You are so envious of everything that you even wanted a girl I slept with and begged me for her. Foolish man, I gave her to you because the girl too I have seen that she’s a fool, so I make you fire, how many n*ggas go fit do this? You and Lil Win” he said.

The Kasoa Trotro actor continued that “Lil Win I have forgiven you but you continue doing it, don’t try, your secrets that I have to release, you guys will be fed up” and dared his colleagues to say a word and he will expose the skeletons in their closets.

According to Funny Face, his instincts have convinced him to come out speak about these things today else he may die one day and these his friends will come to shed crocodile tears at his funeral. Watch the video below to hear more from him.


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