Bettie’s death has sparked an intense discussion online and a Nigerian investigative journalist has dug out some shocking details about her life.

According to Dr Kemi Olunloyo, who is a veteran investigative journalist, she has gathered that Bettie, was married to a notorious drug dealer, Kedrick Jenifer, who is currently serving a 20 years jail time for drug trafficking in Baltimore. 

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The retired investigative journalist, who is known for working with the likes of Drake, Snoop Dogg and once being the BET’s representative in Canada, the late Bettie was still legally married to her jailed husband and still proceeded to marry Ghanaian actor – a report confirmed by the Greenbelt police.

Dr Kemi and Kim Kardashian Dr Kemi and Kim Kardashian

Kemi detailed that late Bettie’s jailed husband, filed for divorce from prison after he learnt his wife has married a rich African actor. However, Bettie contested the divorce by hiring a good lawyer so she can claim Kedrick’s remaining assets if he dies.

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See greed, Bettie contested the divorce by hiring good divorce lawyer Dontrice Hamilton so she can claim his remaining assets if he dies. She was trying to eat from both sides. ” Dr Kemi wrote.

According to the report by the Nigerian veteran journalist, Bettie and his jailed husband lived a lavish life but most of their luxurious cars and other properties were confiscated after he was convicted. 

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However, the shocking revelations have not been linked directly to her murder as the police are still investigating the crime. Chris Attoh, who hasn’t personally spoken about his deceased wife, has reportedly jetted off to the U.S to assist in the investigation.

Get more details from Dr Kemi’s posts below.

Dr Kemi's post Dr Kemi's post
Dr Kemi's post Dr Kemi's post