Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has bemoaned Kwame A Plus judgement passed on her trending assualt saga.

The incident is said to have happened while she was on set around the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) premises in Accra on Sunday afternoon.

The issue was met with mixed reactions on and off social media with many questioning Lydia's use of the F-word and other abusive language.

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Reacting to the incident, A Plus claimed Lydia was wrong and further condemned her vulgar language on the security officer.

But, Lydia Forson thinks A Plus has hatred for her for no reason hence his judgement.

Commenting on A Plus' post, Lydia Forson who sounded emotional wrote (unedited):

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"Dear Kwame,

First of all, I wasn’t taking pictures of a the place.

I wasn’t even at the centre of the incident (if you’d read my article you’d know)

I only came in when I’d watched him verbally assault a woman for almost 10 minutes and she’d broken down in tears.

And as if that wasn’t enough he took out his phone to record her; this girl was frightened to the point where she couldn’t even move her car.

So yes, I took out my phone to record his abuse, and when he recognized me he pounced on me for recording HIM ( and not the area).

He tried 3 times unsuccessfully to beat me and even when the other security official tried to get him to stop he insisted that he had the RIGHT to beat me and get away with it.

Maybe I used language you deem inappropriate or offensive, but please tell me what language is appropriate for a person who has someone in their face threatening to beat them?

Is my language worse than the idea of someone physically assaulting me?

This wasn’t a POLICE OFFICER, this was a man claiming to be part of national security. ( another point you would have noted if you’d read my article).

If the laws of the country don’t permit me to be at a certain place, why not arrest me? Why not arraign me before a court? What law permits an officer , even if provoked, to assault anyone.

And again I wasn’t even the only one there, it was the entire crew at a location that had been used repeatedly by film makers.

I’ve never publicly responded to your many attacks on me, unlike you I’ve still respected our friendship even if it’s over.

There are a lot of claims you’ve made about me in the past that I’ve deliberately kept quiet on, but this, justifying abuse is taking it too far.

Kwame it’s ok if you don’t like me( for whatever reason I don’t know) it’s ok if you don’t agree with me( we all can’t always agree), but what’s not ok is to let your hatred for me lead you to wish me the worst.

I still wish you the best, as always in all your endeavors."