Fasting caused my twins miscarriage, not alcohol - MzBel (WATCH)

MzBel has narrated how she lost her pregnancy.

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The 40-year-old defunct singer has confirmed reports about her miscarriage. A few weeks days ago, Mzbel shared a picture of an ultrasound scan of a pregnancy with a heartbreaking message saying that she has suffered a miscarriage.

Captioning the post that shows she was pregnant with twins, MzBel wrote " you never arrived in my arms, but you will never leave my heart". The post left room for doubt because her message wasn't emphatic neither has she ever spoke about expecting a child or twins.


Clearing the air during an interview on Okay FM, MzBel confirmed that she was indeed pregnant with twins but lost it. Whilst drinking beer and talking during the interview, she seized the moment to debunk reports that alcohol caused her miscarriage.

"They said it's Club," she said and giggled but upon further inquiry from the host, Ola Michael, she said, "that is what people are saying but it is not alcohol". She further explained that it was water fasting that caused her miscarriage.

" I was not aware I was pregnant so I started water fasting," she said and detailed that she started the fasting to lose weight because people have been telling her that she is looking fresh and nice and she knows that means she was growing fat.


"Ghana when they say you are looking fine they mean you are becoming fat so I was uncomfortable over how people were saying it so I wanted to lose weight and one quick way I know I could do that was with water fasting," she said.

According to Mzbel, 7 days after denying herself water, she felt weird because she started having abdominal pains and one morning she saw clot of blood which forced her to visit the hospital.

"I should have taken good care of it but didn't know I was pregnant," she told Ola Michael and added that it was when she visited the hospital that she had the ultrasound scan which she posted.

"After they checked, there was a chance that I could keep it but I didn't want to give birth to children who may have any health challenges because of that," she said in the video below.


Before this, Afia Schwarzenegger alleged that Mzbel lied about her miscarriage. She went on to add that God will not even bless an evil person with twins. Speaking to that, MzBel said she didn't share her miscarriage story for people to confirm or disconfirm it.


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