From Evangelist Papa Shee’s prayers as heard by, the founder of the International Godsway Church and Rev Obofour of the Anointing Palace Chapel are agents of the devil, therefore, he is calling on God to collapse their churches.

Praying in Twi, Evangelist Papa Shee said “People in Ghana are struggling for their daily bread and some foolish people are sitting in Churches sharing lotto numbers and you people can’t say it. Obinim may the blood of Jesus fire you, I am collapsing your church”.

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Spiritually destroying the Rev Obofuor’s church whilst speaking in the moments of prayer, he said “the fool that has shown in Achimota claiming to be an Angel, aboa, nsemfoo, you said you are called Obofour, are you an Angel? Repent! You these false prophets your days are numbered” 

Watch Papa Shee attack Obinim and Obofour in the video below.