Sarkodie tops Pulse polls as Ghana’s fastest rapper, beats LJ and others

In a recent Pulse poll, Sarkodie has been crowned the fastest rapper in Ghana, triumphing over his notable colleagues Lyrical Joe, C.J Biggerman, E.L, Strongman, and TeePhlow.

Sarkodie, Strongman and Lyrical  Joe

The poll, which garnered thousands of votes from fans and music enthusiasts across the country, has solidified Sarkodie’s position as a top contender in the Ghanaian rap scene.

Sarkodie, who won the poll by 9,288 votes, has consistently impressed audiences with his rapid-fire delivery and intricate wordplay. Known for hits like "Adonai," "Can't Let You Go," and "Ofeetsɔ," Sarkodie has established a reputation for his unparalleled speed and lyrical prowess.

His ability to maintain clarity and coherence while delivering rapid verses has earned him a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades over the years.


Lyrical Joe, C.J Biggerman, E.L, Strongman, and TeePhlow, all respected figures in the Ghanaian rap industry, were strong competitors in the poll.

Each artist has their unique style and has contributed significantly to the growth and evolution of rap music in Ghana.

However, Sarkodie’s versatility and consistent performance have set him apart, making him the fan favourite in this poll.

Strongman and Lyrical Joe both came out second with 1.2k votes.


Strongman known for his complex rhymes and storytelling abilities, came in as a close contender with 1,276 votes. His recent projects have showcased his speed and creativity, but it seems Sarkodie’s established track record gave him the edge.

Lyrical Joe, known for their sharp lyricism and rapid delivery, also put up a good fight with 1,257 votes. Their contributions to the rap scene are undeniable, but Sarkodie’s influence and popularity ultimately swayed the votes in his favour.

As the fastest rapper in Ghana according to readers, Sarkodie continues to set the bar high in the rap industry.

His win not only reaffirms his status as a rap icon but also highlights the dynamic and competitive nature of Ghana’s music scene.


Fans eagerly await his next project, confident that he will continue to deliver the high-speed, high-quality rap that has earned him this latest accolade.


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