In his first word-of-mouth address, the Founder of Burniton Music Group label told Adesope Olajide in an interview yesterday that he was treated like ‘a little boy who had nothing to do and run to Sarkodie’s show to meet him’.

He said after he slapped Angel Town, he apologised immediately and stayed at the event venue for hours only for Sarkodie’s manager to file a police report.

“I would have sat in my car and left after the incident,” he disclosed. “But I stayed and asked Angel, ‘If you say that my hand hit your eye or I slapped you, forgive because that’s not the intention’. That makes it six hours of waiting and not performing. I believe that I did the most I could do…he still went on to take the case to the police.”

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“Because nobody is talking about that part, it is making it sound to the world that I’m just a little boy who had nothing to do and run to Sarkodie’s show to meet him. That is the picture that has been painted and I’m telling you now that this is the only time I have addressed this issue through word-of-mouth.”

Stonebwoy said respect is reciprocal and he felt bad that he couldn’t perform his latest collaboration with Sarkodie.

“To me, it is the thing of the past, but it shouldn’t be like an immature guy went to disrupt another brother’s event. It’s rather unfortunate that I couldn’t see us perform ‘Strength of a Woman’.”

“Let’s give respect and get respect,” he added.

Watch the interview below.