It seems Shatta Wale has finally met his meter who is ready to help him dirty himself.

Rapper Kwaw Kese teases dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for behaving like a third world artiste.

It can be recalled that Kwaw Kese said in an interview on the Delay show some years ago said that most of the artistes were poor and sometimes they come to him and beg him for money . He added that , the clothes and shoes they take to shows to perform were all borrowed ( ‘La Borrow ‘).

In a tweet, the rapper teased Shatta Wale for living his past life.

"So niggas are living my past life," he wrote. Which could be about other artistes asking Shatta Wale for help as he (Kwaw Kese) used to help others.

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The 'Abodam' hitmaker also went on to describe Shatta Wale as a chicken for not understanding his earlier tweet and attacking his person.

He said “Shatta you be chicken for not understanding what I wrote. I didn’t attack you but addressing you to be straight. I can do videos to insult you too but 3ho nhia If you bring your self e go over you. Stop behaving like a third world artist”.

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