According to the “Beyoncé” star actress, it’s unhealthy for one to try hard to prove their worth to partners in relationships.

It’s unclear what triggered her statement, however, the mother of four is known for offering frequent marriage and relationship counselling to her followers on social media.

She said the moment one has to prove their worth to someone is the right moment they have to walk out of the relationship.

Nadia Buari made this assertion in an Instagram post on Tuesday, September 15.

She shared a new selfie with the caption: “The moment you feel like u have to prove your worth to someone, is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away.”

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In June 2019, Nadia Buari disclosed the reason she married secretly and had had four kids, saying it’s a personal decision and she feels her children are too young and innocent to be exposed to the media.

She told Zionfelix that: “It was my choice. People know me as a character on the screen but behind the scene, I am Nadia Buari. I am not a reality star, that’s not what I introduced to the world.”

“I introduced a character so I feel like there is always supposed to be a border between my private and public life. It’s a personal choice. Now I feel my children are too young and I don’t know when they will ever be ready for this.”

“They are innocent and don’t even understand the media and everything that comes with it. It will be so unfair to put them out there when they haven’t asked for it. I am just respecting the fact that they are very innocent,” Nadia Buari added.