The series which brought comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger into the limelight was considered the ‘eish’ a few years ago when it aired on TV3 but for some reasons, things fell apart when new cast and lead actor were introduced.

According to Nana Tornado, he was given a peanut by the producer of the show Delay.

Is Delay pregnant?
Is Delay pregnant?

Nana Tornado made this revelation during an interview on Kantanka TV.

“Everyone will pay for their deeds. Don’t ever think you will go scot-free when you dupe people,” he told the host. “If you don’t pay in this life, you will pay in the next life.”

“I attack Delay because she claimed in an Instagram post that she picks people from nowhere and make them somebody.”

When asked why he stood behind Delay and attacked Afia Schwarzenegger some time ago, he indicated that Afia never wronged her.

“Afia Schwarzenegger hasn’t wronged me. At that time, when Delay pays me, Afia tops it up with some amount. When we started, Delay paid me GHC50. You can ask Afia Schwarzenegger,” he revealed.

Watch the full video below.