I didn’t want to go into acting due to stereotype surrounding Key Soap Concert Party - Christiana Awuni

Veteran Ghanaian actress Christiana Awuni has shared her journey into the film industry.

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The Kumawood legend who has been in the film industry for two decades has disclosed that acting wasn’t attractive at the time she ventured into the industry because people created a bad image about actors in the Key Soap Concert Party.

Key Soap Concert Party, a popular stage play that dominated the TV screens in the mid-90s and early 2000s has discovered a bunch of stars, including Agya Koo, Akrobeto and Christiana Awuni.

Speaking about how she made it into the film industry, Christiana Awuni disclosed that actors in the Key Soap Concert Party at the time were branded promiscuous and for that reason, she didn’t like acting.

“I was into tie and dye (fabric) making. I didn't want to go into acting at that time due to the stereotype surrounding the Key Soap Concert Party actors,” she said on Adom TV.


“There were a lot of negative rumours about actors who participate in Key Soap Concert Party. No one respected them at the time. Families could reject you if you join Key Soap Concert Party.”

“They believed Key Soap Concert Party actors were promiscuous. This is because they could tour for one to three years, and women were heavily involved in it. People created a bad image to the extent that it became nasty,” she disclosed.

She said she loved it after going through her first audition.

“So, I decided to venture into music instead. I was then advised to start with Key Soap Concert Party and later launch my music career. I was invited for an audition but what put me off was when they said the audition would be done at hotel premises. I was convinced to go and when I got there, I didn't see anything of that sort.”

“Actor Ice Kenkey was first to bring me onto the screen,” she added.


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