The high budgeted movie features Ghana’s favourite actors – from Kumawood and Ghallywoood – including John Dumelo, Kofi Adu, Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, Kalsoume Sinare, Fella Makafui, Richard Asante and Salma Mumin.

The movie centres around two biological sisters, Kiki (Fella Makafui) and Bibi (Salma Mumin), who had only 12 hours to raise 20,000 Ghana cedis (equivalent to USD 3,919) or risk losing their mother who needs emergency surgery.

After exploiting all the necessary options around – having been bounced by trusted friends and extended family – they attempt a highway bus robbery to raise the funds.

They recruit a friend Padlock (Richard Asante), a notorious pocket picker. He has no experience in arm robbery but manages to secure fake shotguns and draws a perfect plan for their operation.

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Their robbery is successful. They gather more than enough funds to save their dying mother but while celebrating their success, a different gang interferes the scene and robs them of everything they had robbed.

The movie blends laughter with tragedy. What was funny from the beginning ended with tears. The movie was nearly ruined by its 95 minutes length (it’s a bit tiring) but thanks to the never-ending drama and rib-cracking scenes from drunkard (Kofi Adu), bus conductor (John Dumelo), bus preacher (Yaw Dabo) and, Kiki and Bibi’s mother (Kalsoume Sinare).

“Away Bus” has some beautiful scenes – from splendid drone shots to high-quality pictures to refreshing locations and impressive music, the movie is entertaining to watch.

However, the directors failed to add subtitles – which will make it difficult for non-Twi speakers to comprehend the dialogues (the dialogues come in both Twi and English).

MY RATING: 3 (out of 5)