The “Hand to Mouth” rapper offered this rare gesture in a tweet on Sunday, November 1, upon request by the comedian.

SDK, who is known for making viral social media skits with his hilarious parents, was shocked when the SarkCess Music record label boss accepted to appear in his skit – which would be his first time.

He politely proposed to Sarkodie about the skit he is planning to shoot and the availability of the script through his Twitter page.

“King @sarkodie Awan make we shoot some sketch oh the script make ready oh, how we go do am?,” SDK tweeted.

Then, surprisingly, Sarkodie quoted the tweet with a positive answer.

“I will hardly but for you… lemme get the script,” Sarkodie responded.

SDK, who couldn’t hide his joy after Sarkodie’s response came in, said: “Let’s goooo”.

It’s unclear what the script is about and when they will shoot, however, it looks like the skit will soon be released because Sarkodie is currently in the country.

Sarkodie is known to be very strict with his brand so comedy is a no-go area for him.

Unlike Nigeria’s Davido, who has appeared in a couple of Instagram skits with Nigerian comedians, Sarkodie hasn’t made a single appearance.

Despite this, Sarkodie has a good humour. He is fond of sharing funny videos on his Twitter account from time to time and engages in regularly banters with his fans. He also engages in such banters with fellow industry players on the 280-character platform.

In 2017, he employed Kumawood comic actor Yaw Dabo – who is wildly known for rib-cracking comedies – to play the lead role in his music video for “Gboza”. The song has garnered over 2 million views on YouTube (so far).