Reports have been circulating in the media that Jackie Appiah is nine months pregnant and is expecting a baby with President of Liberia George Oppong Weah.

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Miss Appiah has said that she didn’t react because she doesn’t entertain unnecessary rumours and moreover there is no truth in them.

“The media has impregnated me. I was surprised when I heard I was nine months pregnant,” she on UTVs flagship entertainment show United Showbiz on Saturday night.

“I don’t entertain unnecessary rumours. My son asked me, mummy, are you pregnant?

“I told him I am not. Sometimes I even asked myself the same question. I am I pregnant I don't know.

"I learnt those who reported the story said someone told them and they didn't verify it before putting it up. The media has to do the right thing."

Jackie Appiah has received several awards and nominations, including the awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards; and Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2007